Santorini, Greece

Santorini, Greece.


Travelling Man

Today was a welcomed day off from work and a road trip to Charleston South Carolina a place that I had lived for twelve years but had not returned to for nearly two years even though I live only about two hours from Downtown Charleston.

It had been a bitter time to leave Charleston for me it was and still is a place I love the history, the architecture, the nightlife it is like being in a combination European – New York city but on a smaller scale. Granted in saying that I have been to New York but as of yet been able to venture to Europe. So the European comparison is from others that I have read over the last few years.

But as I was saying it was a bitter time the economy this being 2010 was struggling badly and even though one can’t help but wonder how much it has improved but I digress.

Going back to Charleston I am amazed at the energy that has encompassed the area. With the ever growing presence of Boeing and a burgeoning Software and Technical business element that has some people in the area nicknaming the area Silicon Harbor one can’t help but wonder how much the area will grow and what overall effect it will have on a state that since the Civil War had been a bit of a backwater especially compared to North Carolina and Georgia.

Lest I neglect to say BMW in the upstate UPS and Michelin in the Midlands among others all across the state as ushered a change but one that must be built upon. But having a strong technical presence is the thread not only for South Carolina but the country as a whole.

The question is in this journey to the center of the web is where the journey will take me for now ties to where I live are strong and grow stronger but one can’t help but sometimes listen to the siren call of the city by the sea and go running back to her ancient streets.


To Think or not to Think


To be or not to be

Of course I imagine you are more familar with the quote shown above than To think or not to Think but in a conversation with a friend today or shall I say in the process of texting (Yes texting to me is conversation) she mentioned how she was staying busy and hadn’t much time to think about things. Now their was more to the conversation than what I am revealing and for those curious I am sorry that is between friends.

What I can reveal though is my response and that is less time spent thinking and more time doing is better. I referred to this as a mantra that should be repeated everyday. Not that I am opposed to thinking; some of the greatest figures in history were great thinkers, such as Aristotle and Plato for example

There comes a point though when to much thinking can back one into a proverbial corner such as I have done which in part inspired the above mentioned text or even worse create problems where none existed which thankfully did not happen in this case.

So how does one  encounter this proverbial minefield of the mind? By doing of course what is easier said than done especially  coming from someone who is prone to think, think and think some more instead of spending time doing.  Which and I can’t provide medical proof of this fact but just my own own observation leads to a unhappy person and a dull thinker.

So with this observation I myself will try with some effort and it will take some effort to be more of a doer and less of a thinker and yes I will keep one posted of my efforts.

In regards to texting how do you feel about texting? If you care to comment please feel free all I ask is keep it clean.

Till next time join me and embrace the mystery that is life, the internet and technology as we journey to the center of the web.

Starting Anew

When starting something new one gets swept up in the moment or moments that occur much like entering a new relationship their is the initial excitement of the newness then a period when the relationship is fun but not as intense.

This period is the test whether the relationship endures or ends and for a time the relationship had died till now.

Why did I let it die who can say I have some reasons some of which involve a life long pattern that I am now understanding along with some other newer facets of my personality that with the help of three very dear friends I am learning to recognize and deal with. Granted these are baby steps and with baby steps there are stumbles and falls, but over time I do hope to shape this blog into something that reflects my journey in learning not only about the internet but about life.

Crash,Crash, Patience and a Look Back

Sometimes when writing these post I try to come up with a interesting title with the hope that maybe it attract the attention of someone so my stats even for only one time suddenly shoot up. Of course I know there are several paths to building up a following and yes I will spare you the agony of detailing what I have learned so far.

First though that me talk about the two crashes one was of the car accident variety that occurred in the wee hours of the New Year; I know what a way to start the New Year one would say and I would agree, but it wasn’t the accident that albeit not severe since it involved me backing up into a car. Let me digress by saying why do people park on the street when they have long double wide driveways that for the exception of one possibly two cars sit empty. Yes I am sure there are legitimate reasons but really dude or dudette.

What strikes me that morning one the great length my friend Bruce went to contact the neighbors to call the police and to stay up till nearly 3:00 A.M. till I had left reminded me that freinds are not just simply friends but chosen members valuable members of an extended family. Yes Bruce I consider you a brother and that morning just confirmed what I knew.

Also I to thank you to my friend Karen someone who despite losing contact their for a number of years once we reconnected it just proved once again that something that was good so many years before is still good so many years later. Once again proof that the right friends are family and should be treasured for the rest of ones day. Further thanks to Special K for introducing me to Patricia; more on that in a moment, but on to the second crash that of a hard drive.

I can’t emphasize the importance of backing up of data and speaking for myself my hopes is that my next computer will have the next generation hard drive that doesn’t encompass moving parts.

Now to patience and with that understanding the willingness to listen and learn. Once again a tip of the hat to Karen or as I call her from time to time Special K; and for more than  reason,  introducing me to Patricia. In the short time we have gotten to know each other I have quickly realized how wonderful it is to have someone to talk, text and online chat with.

Yes much to my family worry and friends especially Special K; who had referred to me as a hermit and in all truth I had become one, I am seeing the world in a new yet old fun light. Patricia I appreciate your friendship, patience, wit, intelligence and your kindness and possible alien abduction???? I look forward to our conversations and those times when life allows us time to get to together. Oh and yes we will have to pay Karen a commission for the creation of a wonderful friendship.

What  would the New Year be without a look back albeit a brief one for it is important to move forward after all. With any year there are gains and losses (and  near losses). The gains include the comments above plus a renewed desire to live again and the earning at long last of a Bachelor Degree with possibly starting work on a Masters Degree.

The one loss that was hard to take was of my beloved Peek A Poo Gizmo who I had for nearly twelve years. I jokingly referred to him as being 6 pounds of fury, a wonderful companion who was one of my anchors through the darkest of times and as one friend described as being full of personality. You are missed my little man and when I reach the end of my journey I hope you are there waiting for me.

The one near loss was that of my father who through a series of bad decision by others and bad luck nearly died well before any of us were ready to let him go. Thankfully he survived and is still with us.

So this wraps this post up and those who were not mentioned please don’t take offense for you were not forgotten and will remain by my side as I journey into the center of the web.


What a difference a year makes

You have heard that saying in fact I would imagine most of have and we have I imagine for better or worse(another saying) have experienced such a change.

In my case this time last year I just started work at my new job after nearly being unemployed for two years and no for those who think I was living in luxury living off the system I wasn’t. Unless of course one thinks living in luxury means living in panic of spending a dollar even for the essentials such as food or gas is a luxury and then having to move from a city I loved to move back in with my elderly parents, an adjustment for all concerned. That brings to mind another saying for those in the media that disparage the long-term unemployed  “Those without sin cast the first stone.”

But I digress, in that years time albeit just recently I have graduated from college with a degree in Information Technology an effort that took longer than it ever should but was accomplished. In addition to this was the receiving of a generous bonus from my job and a raise to boot.

While I am still not where I want to be on several fronts I am closer, but realize that this coming year my hard work will need to match if not exceed what I did this past  year and without guarantee.

That is the bargain that is unavoidable for most of us if we want to see the difference a year can make.

A change in the weather…

With all the technology and the advances in technology that are happening around us on almost a seemingly daily basis (which in itself is a fascinating and scary thing all at the same time) the change in the weather such as today never ceases to amaze me.

Such as today that started out mild and rainy and is now ending with clear skies a brisk wind that is taking down the last of the leaves that are ready to fall and partially clear skies that were punctated by fierce looking clouds that were seemingly streaking across the sky.

Even sitting in evening traffic I could not help but admire the view as the sun went down and think to myself yes we do some amazing things when it comes to computers, but it still pales in comparision to the creation of this place called Earth…