From the beginning…..

Hello there and welcome to my blog.

As you can tell by the title and brief description this blog is about an older mans’ desire to start anew into a field that when I was in my twenties like so many things related to technology didn’t exist. In fact I was probably the last group of high schoolers at Dulaney High School in Timonium, Maryland in 1981 to have to punch commands for the computer via punch cards. A task that for me was almost as big a turn off as having to take high school biology, but the beginnings of what has so far been a sometimes fun, scary, enlightening, sad ride to where I am now.

As I describe in the about section of the blog this is not only about my journey to work my way into a new career but in some ways a change in a path that is life that taps into an inner passion that I knew existed, but was never sure how to approach. The melding of art and technology.

Of course you may be sitting in front of your computer reading this thinking how could someone not see that, but actually that is not hard when you keep your eyes closed.

So I invite you to check back every couple of weeks and I sincerely hope enjoy what  I write and be patient as over time the content will hopefully improve. Also to see the changes to the blog hopefully for the better as I tinker with it as my knowledge expands  as I journey to the center of the web.



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