Eyes Closed Shut

In my last post I commented how it was easy to miss the
fusion of art and technology when you have your eyes closed.

The question is why do you have your eyes closed? I not only
ask this for myself but to you the reader out there on the web that connects us
all. Are you doing what you want or doing what you need to survive and this is
a question that not only ask of those who are older but those who are younger
maybe going so far as to ask those now entering college as 18 and 19 years old.
In addition this doesn’t have to be about the journey into center of the web
which for me it is but for any field that holds an attraction to you the reader.

So in all this gibberish I am writing I guess I am asking
why you are doing what you are doing right now. Is it for love of the job, is
it something to do till something comes along better especially with the
uncertain economic times or is it fear.

Fear of the changes
that one may have to make to step out of one’s comfort zone and the ripple
effects that it may have not only for you but for your significant other and
dependents. Because whether we want to admit it or not we all get comfortable
in the status quo. I myself have done that much to my determent I could sit
here as I am right now and point how to the majority of jobs I have held that
have contained no joy, no desire to get up in the morning to go to work, no

Why has that been? Why have I kept my eyes closed?

For me the past and even now in the present my story has
been written by fear. Fear of not doing something that would be approved of by
my parents (and no I am not blaming my parents when I turned eighteen I became solely
responsible for me), fear of not making enough money, failing, fear that what I
wanted to do I would never accomplish for a variety of reasons. All things that
lead to paralysis and closing one’s eyes to what the world despite its many
problems has to offer.

Fear in small doses is a healthy emotion, but like most
things that are excessive it can be damaging and life altering. Hence in part
the reason why as an older man I am now beginning the Journey into the Center of
the Web full of fear and excitement, but the fear does have a root and it goes
back to a computer class.


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