Well yesterday and yes it was Saturday I guess we should thank technology since it allows for such things to happen I was notified that my grade report was complete and that it was available for viewing.

It showed that I had passed albeit barely my last class I needed for graduation.

It is to be honest a bittersweet time for me. Sweet in the sense that after of an on going to college I was able to bear down and finish all that now awaits is the completion of the graduation approval process from my university and I will be the bearer of a bachelor degree in Information Technology and can look forward to January of 2013 to start work on my Masters Degree in Web and New Media Design.

The bitter part and yes this is me being whiney is the search for a better job. I like where I work all in all it is a great collection of people, but it is a job that has a limited future. So the process of creating a resume, networking(something the introvert in me dreads) among those things associated with the hunt will begin in earnest at the start of the new year.

In the meantime the education process continues for the next twelve months on my own learning HTML and HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Photoshop among other things as I look to transition into new employment and prepare for graduate school.

So as one chapter closes another one begins and we shall see what happens in the Journey into the Center of the Web continues.

Bernard aka “Indy”


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