What a difference a year makes

You have heard that saying in fact I would imagine most of have and we have I imagine for better or worse(another saying) have experienced such a change.

In my case this time last year I just started work at my new job after nearly being unemployed for two years and no for those who think I was living in luxury living off the system I wasn’t. Unless of course one thinks living in luxury means living in panic of spending a dollar even for the essentials such as food or gas is a luxury and then having to move from a city I loved to move back in with my elderly parents, an adjustment for all concerned. That brings to mind another saying for those in the media that disparage the long-term unemployed  “Those without sin cast the first stone.”

But I digress, in that years time albeit just recently I have graduated from college with a degree in Information Technology an effort that took longer than it ever should but was accomplished. In addition to this was the receiving of a generous bonus from my job and a raise to boot.

While I am still not where I want to be on several fronts I am closer, but realize that this coming year my hard work will need to match if not exceed what I did this past  year and without guarantee.

That is the bargain that is unavoidable for most of us if we want to see the difference a year can make.


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