To Think or not to Think

To be or not to be

Of course I imagine you are more familar with the quote shown above than To think or not to Think but in a conversation with a friend today or shall I say in the process of texting (Yes texting to me is conversation) she mentioned how she was staying busy and hadn’t much time to think about things. Now their was more to the conversation than what I am revealing and for those curious I am sorry that is between friends.

What I can reveal though is my response and that is less time spent thinking and more time doing is better. I referred to this as a mantra that should be repeated everyday. Not that I am opposed to thinking; some of the greatest figures in history were great thinkers, such as Aristotle and Plato for example

There comes a point though when to much thinking can back one into a proverbial corner such as I have done which in part inspired the above mentioned text or even worse create problems where none existed which thankfully did not happen in this case.

So how does one  encounter this proverbial minefield of the mind? By doing of course what is easier said than done especially  coming from someone who is prone to think, think and think some more instead of spending time doing.  Which and I can’t provide medical proof of this fact but just my own own observation leads to a unhappy person and a dull thinker.

So with this observation I myself will try with some effort and it will take some effort to be more of a doer and less of a thinker and yes I will keep one posted of my efforts.

In regards to texting how do you feel about texting? If you care to comment please feel free all I ask is keep it clean.

Till next time join me and embrace the mystery that is life, the internet and technology as we journey to the center of the web.


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