Travelling Man

Today was a welcomed day off from work and a road trip to Charleston South Carolina a place that I had lived for twelve years but had not returned to for nearly two years even though I live only about two hours from Downtown Charleston.

It had been a bitter time to leave Charleston for me it was and still is a place I love the history, the architecture, the nightlife it is like being in a combination European – New York city but on a smaller scale. Granted in saying that I have been to New York but as of yet been able to venture to Europe. So the European comparison is from others that I have read over the last few years.

But as I was saying it was a bitter time the economy this being 2010 was struggling badly and even though one can’t help but wonder how much it has improved but I digress.

Going back to Charleston I am amazed at the energy that has encompassed the area. With the ever growing presence of Boeing and a burgeoning Software and Technical business element that has some people in the area nicknaming the area Silicon Harbor one can’t help but wonder how much the area will grow and what overall effect it will have on a state that since the Civil War had been a bit of a backwater especially compared to North Carolina and Georgia.

Lest I neglect to say BMW in the upstate UPS and Michelin in the Midlands among others all across the state as ushered a change but one that must be built upon. But having a strong technical presence is the thread not only for South Carolina but the country as a whole.

The question is in this journey to the center of the web is where the journey will take me for now ties to where I live are strong and grow stronger but one can’t help but sometimes listen to the siren call of the city by the sea and go running back to her ancient streets.



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